Saturdays and Sundays when the most people die in road accidents

QCOSTARICA – Adding up the road deaths that occurred between Saturday and Sunday this year, we have a total of 75 deaths are reported on those two days.

More than half of traffic fatalities occur on weekends

If we add the 29 on Fridays, the number reaches 104 deaths, 54% of the total of the 194 fatalities that occurred during the first half of the year.

Thus, based on these statistics, the weekends, between Friday and Sunday, groups most of the lives lost on the road, which allows us to infer some particular behaviors, on those days, that could influence this negative figure.

“There are some behaviors typical of the weekends that do not necessarily occur on other days. For example, people go for a drive, so many things can happen, there is also abuse of speed, it could be that they feel sleepy at the wheel; some, when they are out for a drive, consume liquor and then drive,” explained German Marín, director of the Policia de Trandito (Traffic Police).

Along these lines, it is recommended to always carry a co-driver who can keep an eye on the driver, in case they sleepy or fatigued and is ready to take the wheel.

Wearing flips or sandals while driving can be dangerous as they can slip off and get caught in the pedal.

The police chief recommends leaving for a drive at dawn, after a good night’s sleep, and of course, respect the speed limits, especially on unfamiliar roads.

Giving the vehicle a good look over before embarking on a long trip also reduces problems on the road, problems that can quickly turn fatal.

The rainy season can be challenging even for the best of drivers. Slow down, turn on your headlights and ensure that windshield wipers are in good condition

Racking up fines

Among the top traffic infractions between January and May of this year is not using the vehicle’s lights at night. The Policia de Transito reports issuing 1,262 fines for this infraction alone.

Traffic law requires headlights on between 6:00 pm and 6:00 am; always on for motorcycles. The fine for each infraction is ¢55,000 colones.

Other infractions include speeding, not having ‘official’ documents in the vehicle (ie Marchamo, Riteve) and driver’s license on hand, not wearing a seatbelt, not using a child restraint, and driving under the influence.

Running a red light or stop sign cost 937 drivers ¢227,000 colones each in the first five months of 2021. According to Alberto Barquero, Sub-director of the Policía de Tránsito, 800 tickets were issued for running a red light and 137 not respecting a stop sign.



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